It’s been quite busy for us at the New Orleans Black Hat Society as we wrap up our “season of the witch”! The New Orleans Witches’ Ball in October was preceeded by a year of hard work but culminated in another magical evening, we recently finished up our “Share the Warmth” coat and blanket drive which will provide much-needed cover for the homeless in our area, and this past weekend’s “Witch Kringle” Yule celebration and toy drive was a lot of fun and very productive in terms of donations received that will offer both comfort and happiness this holiday season to a lot of little children.

As many of you know, I began the New Orleans Witches’ Ball (NOWB) in 2010 with the intent of having a gorgeous witchy party with like-minded people who wanted to celebrate Samhain and generate a few bucks for charity in the process. The New Orleans Black Hat Society (NOBHS) was started by me to officially bring together the efforts of several New Orleans metro-area folks who focused on helping those in need and also enjoyed having a great time too. With the help of a fabulous assistant and hard-working volunteers, I have been successful in meeting those goals. The NOWB has become world-renowned in its first six years and, since 2013, the NOBHS has hosted that event and also engages in several smaller philanthropic endeavors at the local level. We are very proud of the work we do and we enjoy doing it.

That being said, the last two years have been extremely challenging for our organization. Two of our senior members have been dealing with serious health issues that require an extended recovery time. We unexpectedly grew very quickly and at a rate for which I had not adequately prepared and, worst of all, some extremely disappointing and disheartening occurrences at the 2016 NOWB (and likely at the 2015 NOWB as well) have forced the need for a thorough review of our ticketing and gate procedures. We need to deal with all of this without the added pressure of trying to incorporate 2017′s planning into the mix, so we have decided to officially go on hiatus for some R & R and then, upon our return, reorganize from top to bottom. Meanwhile, most links on this site are disabled, the online shop is closed, the ringer on the phone is turned off and our response to email will be extremely delayed. The theme announcement and other info for the 2017 New Orleans Witches’ Ball is still forthcoming but will likely not occur until February 2017 at the earliest, with ticket sales to open up shortly thereafter.

We appreciate your understanding as we take a much-needed break and then do the hard work of revamping (rewitching?) our organization and its events to better suit our current needs and purposes.

Have a Blessed Yule and a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you when we get back!